Sanriku Kagaribi Bonfire Festival

  • 2022
  • Appreciation

In a showcase of the many different folk performing arts that exist along the Sanriku Coast, seven vibrant groups come together to perform under bonfire light. This festival is an opportunity to enjoy the folk performances from as far north as Fudai Village to as far south as Rikuzentakata City in Iwate Prefecture all at once. The venue also hosts screenings of rare footage of Javanese dance from Indonesia, with whom the local artists have had a long-term artistic exchange at this festival. The various folk performing arts have been passed down from ancient times and continue to thrive in Sanriku. They are a unique form, deeply rooted in people’s lives and serving as a prayer for abundant harvests by farmers, as well as for calming the spirits and making dedications to the gods. They are a one-of-a-kind art that is cherished and taught to each generation with great care. It is one of the cultural offerings that Japan most proudly presents to the world.

Date: Saturday, September 24, 2022, 16:30-21:00
Venue: Ofuna-port and the Plaza in Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture

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