Kita Shichifukujin

Rikuzentakata City,Iwate

The Shichifukujin-mai of Kita represents the seven gods of good fortune, popular gods in folk belief named Daikokuten, Ebisu, Fukurokuju, Bishamonten, Jurojin, Benzaiten and Hotei. It is performed in festivals held to pray for good harvest and big catches in the sea, and also on occasions year-round to pray for prosperity and exorcism at such celebratory events as wedding parties, new home construction and the launchings of new sea vessels. It has been handed down by volunteers from Kita since the 1910’s, and performed for the annual festival of Kurosaki Shrine, including the O-Ise-sama (aka Daijingu-sama) Festival held once every four years. In recent years, the Shichifukujin-mai of Kita has been practiced as a folk art by local elementary and middle school children as well.