Sanriku Nodamura Future Performing Arts Festival

  • 2023
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Sanriku Nodamura Future Performing Arts Festival

Nodamura Festival of Performing Arts – Connecting Traditions, the Future, and Youth Performers
The folk performing arts festival focuses on young performers who are responsible for the future of the Tohoku and Sanriku regions. This year, it will be held in Noda Village in Iwate Prefecture.
Noda Village is located in the northeastern coastal area of Iwate Prefecture. This village has the “salt road” where precious salt was carried on the backs of cattle (cows), and deployed throughout the region by crossing the harsh Kitakami mountains. Noda is also the home of traditions which state that “namomi” demons that the gods use fall from the mountains during the First Full Moon Festival. The area has a history of being hit by numerous natural disasters such as tsunamis and famine. Village ancestors never gave up in the face of these hardships, carving a path to the future by engraving messages on stone monuments and enjoying arts and events.
This festival of folk performing arts features a gathering of highly talented young performers in a future-oriented seaside outdoor park in Noda Village. These performers have expansive discussions about the arts which color the culture of each region.

These local performing arts are packed with the techniques, strength, and wisdom for life in these areas. Create a new future for the region with new performing arts at Noda Village, where you can find new techniques, strength, wisdom, and people.

Date|September 24 (Sun.), 2023 1:00PM – 3:45PM (Reception Start 12:00PM Entrance Open 12:30PM)
Locate|Tofugaura Park Multipurpose Event Plaza

Nodamura Meeting for Geinoh Beginnings and Beyond

In the Iori Hikatai, a workcation facility renovated from a more than 160-year-old Nambu Magariya (a curved house), young performers, professional taiko drum artists, and regional development coordinators from Noda Village and elsewhere gather. In these exchange meetings, they discuss the appeal of the arts, share the creativity and possibilities that reside in the Tohoku and Sanriku regions, and make new friends.

Date|September 23 (Sat.) , 2023
Time|4:00PM – 6:00PM (Entrance Open 3:30PM)
Locate|Iori Hikatai (Nanbu Magariya curved house) Asia Folkcraft Museum, 6-62 Noda, Noda, Kunohe, Iwate 028-8201

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