“Noda Junior High School Taiko Group” Noda Junior High School

Noda Village,Iwate

Noda Junior High School is the only junior high in the village. Currently our 90 students spend their school days with the slogan “Becoming the sun of Noda Village” in mind. This slogan was born from the wish that previous students had at the time of the disaster, to become like suns shining brightly on Noda Village. Based on this slogan, we too work hard to further develop the traditions and culture that those before us created.
Previous students saw with their own eyes how deeply wounded Noda Village was by the disaster. This original taiko drum performance began with their sincere wish to do something to help other people. It has been inherited by successive generations ever since, and we are the 11th generation to put on this performance.
Our 3rd year class consists of 32 students. We have learned from students before us, and through trial and error we have pursued our own expressions. We love our hometown, and would be incredibly happy if you could feel the thoughts of the people who live here.