Iwate Prefectural Iwayado High School Shishiodori Dance Group

Osyu City,Iwate

This Shishiodori Dance Club was founded in 1997. We work hard to perform the Kanatsuryu (Kanatsu Style) Shishiodori dance, passed down throughout the region. As a sacred ritual, the shishiodori dance has been performed as a memorial service for ancestors and to pray for abundant harvests. It is an extremely difficult traditional art with 8 dancers who wear costumes that weigh as much as around 15kg, in which each dancer sings, plays the taiko drum, and dances. The Buddhist invocation song is another appealing point of the shishiodori.
We faithfully preserve the folk performing arts passed down throughout the region, and we strive to pass them down to everyone from those before us to those who come after us. Last autumn, the 3rd year students retired from the club activity, and for a time we unfortunately only had 1 dancer. But we welcomed new club members in the spring, and now 9 dancers are working hard and passionately on the dance. They are still inexperienced, but they are working diligently to bring joy to the people of the region.