【Suggested Route】「A Trip to Meet the Young Geinoh Practitioners of Northern Sanriku」3 Days and 2 Nights Sep.22nd(Fri)-24th(Sun),2023

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Watch performing arts by the young generation

時 間スケジュール備 考
HighlightFrom Hotel to Rikuchu noda Sta.(Arr.10:00)Nonchari Bicycle Rental
Disaster Ruins   Hotatenbodai Observation Facility
Explore the Tofugaura area
Approx. 10-min bicycle
Lunch|urban areaApprox. 5-min bicycle
12:30Tofugaura Park Multipurpose Event Plaza(Arr 12:40)Approx. 5-min bicycle
13:00Sanriku International Arts Festival 2023
Sanriku Nodamura Future Performing Arts Festival
※In case of rain, the event will be held at Noda Gymnasium. For information on where the event will be held, on the event day itself please check the official social media pages for the Sanriku International Arts Festival.
15:50From Tofugaura Park to Rikuchu noda Sta.(Arr. 16:00)
Nonchari Bicycle Rental return
16:27From Rikuchu noda Sta. to Miyako Sta.(Arr. 17:45)
18:05From miyako Sta. to Morioka Sta.(Arr. 20:20)Kenpoku Bus 106 Express
20:50From Morioka to Tokyo(Arr. 23:04))Tohoku Shinkansen’Komachi 48′

Nonchari Bicycle Rental

~Explore Noda Village with Ease on an Electrically Powered Assisted Bicycle~

You can rent electrically powered assisted bicycles at Roadside Station Noda next to the Sanriku Railway’s Rikuchu-Noda Station. Their assistance makes even riding uphill effortless, providing an easy to explore the extensive coastal parks, earthquake remnants, restaurants, and more. Enjoy a journey to discover the charm of Noda Village, where you can experience the pleasant breeze and the soothing sound of the waves that you wouldn’t notice when driving.

Roadside Station Noda, Rikuchu-Noda Station
31-31-1 Noda, Noda Village, Iwate

Contact Division: Future Development Promotion Division
Fees: 2,200 yen (Usage Fee: 1,000 yen + Security Deposit: 1,000 yen) per day
The security deposit is refunded upon returning the bicycle.

Rikuchu noda Sta.

Bicycle Rental
travel time 5min.




~A Scenic Observation Facility with a View of Tofugaura~

This observation and rest facility was designed with a cute scallop motif to showcase the Araumi Hotate scallops, a specialty product of Noda Village. Its roof is made of the “Perfect Roof” material also used for Sapporo Dome, and constructed using over 100 Japanese cypress logs donated by Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture. Furthermore, the interior walls of the rest area are crafted from scallop shell-derived plaster. Completed in March 2018, the outdoor observation deck is also home to the East Japan Great Earthquake Tsunami Memorial Monument and the Showa Tsunami Memorial Monument, offering a panoramic view of Tofugaura, one of Noda Village’s scenic treasures.

Noda Village Office, Community Development Division


Bicycle Rental
travel time 5min.


Western and Seasonal Cuisine Minami

~Abundant Lunch Options and Popular as an Izakaya in the Evening~

This western-style restaurant is located in the central shopping district of the village. Since its opening in 2007, it has been cherished by the locals. The restaurant is run by a husband and wife team, offering a wide range of dishes from Western to Japanese and Chinese, all creatively prepared using seasonal ingredients. During lunchtime, they offer not only their regular menu but also three weekly changing lunch specials. In the evening, it transforms into an izakaya where you can enjoy meals as well. This little restaurant is always bustling with local customers. Takeout is also available.

Western and Seasonal Cuisine Minami

2F 26-15-2 Noda, Noda-Village, Iwate
Closed|Sundays (and on occasional vacations)




Restaurant Tofugaura

~A Variety of Fresh Seafood Dishes and Popular Seafood Ramen~

This eatery is located in the heart of Noda Village. They offer a range of dishes featuring fresh seafood, including seafood bowls, ramen, rice bowls, and set meals. Whether it is lunchtime or evening, the place is always bustling with customers. Their highly recommended dish is the light seafood ramen, made with an abundance of locally sourced seafood. The combination of fresh ingredients makes it a truly exquisite meal worth trying. In addition to their regular menu, they also feature daily specials on a whiteboard.

Restaurant Tofugaura

19-111 Noda, Noda Village, Iwate




Bicycle Rental
travel time 5min.

Tofugaura Park Multipurpose Event Plaza *In case of rain – Noda Village Gymnasium

Sanriku Nodamura Future Performing Arts Festival

1:00PM – 3:45PM (Reception Start 12:00PM Entrance Open 12:30PM)

Sanriku Nodamura Future Performing Arts Festival

The folk performing arts festival focuses on young performers who are responsible for the future of the Tohoku and Sanriku regions. This year, it will be held in Noda Village in Iwate Prefecture.

Noda Village is located in the northeastern coastal area of Iwate Prefecture. This village has the “salt road” where precious salt was carried on the backs of cattle (cows), and deployed throughout the region by crossing the harsh Kitakami mountains. Noda is also the home of traditions which state that “namomi”demons that the gods use fall from the mountains during the First Full Moon Festival. The area has a history of being hit by numerous natural disasters such as tsunamis and famine. Village ancestors never gave up in the face of these hardships, carving a path to the future by engraving messages on stone monuments and enjoying arts and events.

This festival of folk performing arts features a gathering of highly talented young performers in a future-oriented seaside outdoor park in Noda Village. These performers have expansive discussions about the arts which color the culture of each region.

From Tofugaura Park to Rikuchu noda Sta.(Arr. 16:00) Nonchari Bicycle Rental return     

Sanriku Railway
to Sakari Sta.


Miako Sta.

Kenpoku Bus 106 Express


Morioka Sta.

Tohoku Shinkansen’Komachi 48′



Tokyo Sta.




三陸芸能LINK 事務局


令和5年度日本博2.0事業(委託型) 三陸国際芸術祭2023 移ル

主催| 三陸国際芸術推進委員会 独立行政法人日本芸術文化振興会 文化庁