【Suggested Route】「A Trip to Meet the Young Geinoh Practitioners of Northern Sanriku」3 Days and 2 Nights Sep.22nd(Fri)-24th(Sun),2023

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Day 2

Meet the Young Geinoh Practitioners

7:00Kuji no Ichibi (Kuji’s Market Days) Ichibi-dori Street
HilightSanriku Rias-tei Uni Bento (sea urchin boxed lunch) Reservation required (20 served per day)
9:30From Hotel to Arrive at Kokujiyaki Pottery Studiotaxi
Hands-On Activity: Kokujiyaki PotteryApproximately 1 hour to 2 hours
11:50 Kokujiyaki Pottery Studio to Kuji Amber Museum(Arr.12:00)taxi
12:00Lunch|Kohaku no Mori Restaurant “Kunnoko”Inside the Kuji Amber Museum
Kuji Amber Museum 
13:50From Amber Museum to Kuji Sta.            taxi
14:15From Kuji Sta.to Rikuchu noda Sta. (Arr.14:28)Sanriku Railway
14:40From Rikuchu Noda Sta. to Hoteltaxi
15:30Participation|Sanriku International Arts Festival 2023
the Nodamura Meeting for Geinoh Beginnings and Beyond(17:30まで)
※Advance online reservation

Kuji no Ichibi

~Kuji’s Market Days with Over 370 Years of History~

These markets, held each month on days with the numbers 3 and 8 in them, also used to be referred to as “Rokusai-ichi” (the six market days). Kuji’s market days are said to have started around 1646, and the city of Kuji, which flourished as an economic, cultural, and transportation hub of the Kunohe region, is a bustling place that carries its history to the present. Taking place in the heart of the city on “Ichibi-dori Street,” the markets feature various stalls selling seasonal vegetables, seafood, and more. People from the surrounding areas gather in large numbers, creating a lively atmosphere with face-to-face transactions.

Kuji Ichibi Association (Todate Fish Dealer)
Around 2-22 Nijuhachinichi-machi, Kuji City, Iwate

Sanriku Rias-tei Uni Bento (sea urchin boxed lunch) 

~ Elusive Ekiben “Uni Bento” (sea urchin bento boxed lunch)~

This is a standing soba shop located on the premises of the Sanriku Railway, right next to JR Kuji Station. Their recommended specialty is the Uni Bento, which only 20 of are served per day. It’s a luxurious bento box filled with steamed sea urchin on a bed of fragrant rice. This dish gained fame through the NHK morning drama series “Amachan.” Due to its limited availability, it often sells out before noon, so reservations are essential. They also offer other options like scallop and herring soba (udon).

Sanriku Rias-tei 

Sanriku Railway Kuji Station Building, 3-38-2 Chuo, Kuji City, Iwate



Irregular holidays


Hands-On Activity: Kokujiyaki Pottery

~Vessels that Have Long Been a Part of Life in Northern Iwate~


With a history spanning over 200 years, Kokujiyaki pottery continues to be made with clay found in Kuji and its producers remain dedicated to creating everyday tableware for the locals, preserving this tradition from the past to the present. Kokujiyaki pottery is frequently given as presents or commemorative gifts and has deeply rooted itself in the lives of the citizens, so much so that it is a staple in Kuji households, serving as a cherished part of people’s daily routines.

Hands-On Activity—————

You can create bowls and mugs through hand molding.

The vessels you shape will be temporarily kept here to be baked and completed, taking approximately 1-2 months to reach you.

Advance reservations required: 0194-52-3880.

Available hours: 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Duration: Approximately 1-2 hours

*Due to limited staff, it may not always be possible to accommodate your preferred date and time.

Cost: 1,000 yen (including baking fee and consumption tax) for 500g of clay (enough to make one bowl or mug). You are responsible for the shipping cost of your completed vessels. 

Kokujiyaki Pottery Kiln

31-29-1 Kokuji-cho, Kuji City, Iwate


Travel time| 6min



Lunch|Kohaku no Mori Restaurant “Kunnoko”

~Authentic French Cuisine with Kuji Ingredients~

A French restaurant located within the Kuji Amber Museum. It offers a menu that emphasizes local ingredients, including seafood caught in Kuji Port and local Iwate chicken.

Kohaku no Mori Restaurant “Kunnoko”

19-156-134 Kokuji-cho, Kuji City, Iwate

Lunch 11:30~14:30(14:00L.O.)
Dinner 17:00~21:00(Reserve by 15:00 on the day before 20:00L.O.)


Kuji Amber Museum  

~The only amber museum in Japan~

The Kuji region is commonly known for having the most abundant amount of amber in Japan. And, Kuji Amber Museum is the only museum of amber in Japan located in this production of amber since the ancient times. Amber in the Kuji region belongs to the late Cretaceous period, Mesozoic Era- it is in fact exactly the age of the dinosaurs. In recent years, insect fossils have been discovered from amber one after another and attracted much attention from paleontology and genetic engineering researchers. In the museum, ambers in the Kuji region and around the world are exhibited with detailed explanation from the perspectives of natural science and humanities under two major themes- “The Mysterious Time Capsule” and “Amber and Humans”. There are also a large number of gemstones, curios, insects preserved in ambers, archaeological history, handicrafts to explore.

Kuji Amber Museum

19-156-133, Kokuji-cho, Kuji City, Iwate, Japan 028-0071

Opening hours|9:00am~5:00pm (Admission until 4:30 PM)

Closed during the New Year Period & the last day in February

Fees | Adults: 500 yen (400 yen), Elementary and Junior High School Students: 200 yen (150 yen)

*( ) indicates group rates (20 or more people)


travel time 6min.




Sanriku Railway  

To Sakari Station


Travel time 1hour13min.


travel time 6min.



Iori Hikatai (Nanbu Magariya curved house)

Nodamura Meeting for Geinoh Beginnings and Beyond

4:00PM – 6:00PM (Entrance Open 3:30PM)

Nodamura Meeting for Geinoh Beginnings and Beyond


In the Iori Hikatai, a workcation facility renovated from a more than 160-year-old Nambu Magariya (a curved house), young performers, professional taiko drum artists, and regional development coordinators from Noda Village and elsewhere gather. In these exchange meetings, they discuss the appeal of the arts, share the creativity and possibilities that reside in the Tohoku and Sanriku regions, and make new friends.

Iori Hikatai (Nanbu Magariya curved house)

Asia Folkcraft Museum, 6-62 Noda, Noda, Kunohe, Iwate 028-8201




三陸芸能LINK 事務局


令和5年度日本博2.0事業(委託型) 三陸国際芸術祭2023 移ル

主催| 三陸国際芸術推進委員会 独立行政法人日本芸術文化振興会 文化庁