Suggested Route|Trip to Otsuchi, “Town of Folk Performing Arts” – 3 Days and 2 Nights Oct.14th(Fri)-16th(Sun),2022

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Route:Tokyo to⇆Morioka to⇆Otsuchi

Otsuchi-cho, Iwate, is located in the middle of the Sanriku Coast. Its main industry is the fishing industry.

Aramakizake,” gutted, salted and lightly dried salmon, is a signature product of the region. The Town has become known as a town of  salmon farming in recent years.

Also known for its folk performing arts, the Town has approximately 20active groups , including kagura, daikagura, shishiodori, and toramai.

During this tour, you will have opportunities to enjoy various activities including riding electronic bicycles to explore the Town, meeting locals and enjoying local gourmet cuisines. You may also join a guided tour visiting shrines and temples, and encounter and enjoy folk performing arts. You can use and develop this itinerary of a 3-day, 2-night trip as you want. Enjoy Otsuchi, “Town of Folk Performing Arts,” to the fullest.


  • This tour was created as a model course to enjoy OtsuchiTown. We are not soliciting tour participants, except “Otsuchi Charikue,” “Otsuchi Folk Performing Arts Group Tour” and “Otsuchi Shrines and Temples Tour,” for which you can make reservations in advance to join.
  • Please use rental bicycles and/or taxies in Otsuchi Town. If you prefer using a rental car, consider renting in nearby cities and towns outside of Otsuchi.
  • Because it can be difficult to secure accommodations during the busy seasons, please plan ahead and as early as possible.

Accommodations and Transportations

  • Please plan your accommodations early.
  • As part of COVID-19 countermeasures, there may be changes to the operating hours of public transport, facilities and stores. Please check for any updates in advance.

Countermeasures against COVID-19

  • To prevent the spread of COVID-19, please take note and follow the countermeasures indicated at each event, facility, and store.

 Trip to Otsuchi, “Town of Folk Performing Arts” – 3 Days and 2 Nights
Route: Tokyo to ⇆Morioka to ⇆Otsuch

Day 1
Oct. 14th(Fri),2022

Welcome to Otsuchi, a “Town of Folk Performing Arts”

12:20Tokyo Sta.ー Morioka Sta.(Arr. 14:32) Tohoku Shinkansen ‘Hayabusa23’
15:05Morioka Sta.ーOtsuchi Sta.(Arr.17:29)
rental car
Iwate-ken Kotsu Bus bound for Otsuchi
Recommended Hotels and Ryokans
Day 2

Experiencing Otsuchi from A to Z

required timeremarks
4hoursOtsuchi Charikue (Otsuchi Bicycle Quest)(Reservation required)1 day up to 8 people
about 1hour「Visiting Otsuchi Folk Performing Arts Groups(Reservation required)1 group about up to 10 people
about 2hoursVisiting Otsuchi Shrines and Temples(Reservation required)1 group about up to 10 people

Trip to Otsuchi, “Town of Folk Performing Arts”

09:00-15:00 Otsuchi Industrial Festival Umizukuri Kinen (Memorial) Park
15:21 Otsuchi Sta.ーKamaishi Sta.(Arr. 15:39)Sanriku Railway or rental car
15:57 Kamaishi Sta.ーShinhanamaki Sta.(Arr.17:53)JR Kamaishi Line
18:07 Shinhanamaki Sta.ーTokyo Sta.(Arr.21:21)Tohoku Shinkansen’yYamabiko68’
18:16 Morioka Sta.ーTokyo Sta(Arr.20:32)※Rental Car information|Tohoku Shinkansen’Hatyabusa 40′

 Local Transportations

Bike Rentals

You can pick up and return rental bicycles with advanced reservations at the following two places

  • Uchikanezaki Jitensha Shokai
  • Sakaida Jitensha Shokai
    The links include model bicycle tour courses including “Shiroyama Course,” “Rias Coastal Scenic Course” and “Shinzan Course.” They could be useful to develop your own tours. Please note however, that they are not a part of “Otsuchi Charikue (Otsuchi Bicycle Quest),” which is a bicycle tour organized by Otsuchi Tourism Exchange Association.


Taxis can be hired from the following two companies:

  • Otsuchi Taxi
  • Daian Taxi

Day 1
Oct. 14th(Fri),2022

Welcome to Otsuchi, a “Town of Folk Performing Arts”

12:20Tokyo Sta.ー Morioka Sta.(Arr.14:32) Tohoku Shinkansen’Hayabusa23′
15:05Morioka Sta.ーOtsuchi Sta(Arr.17:29)or rental carIwate-ken Kotsu Bus bound for Otsuchi
Recommended Hotels and Ryokans

Tokyo Sta.

Tohoku Shinkansen’Hayabusa23′
Dep. 12:20
Arr. 14:32

Travel time 2 hrs 12min

Morioka Sta.

Iwate-ken Kotsu Bus bound for Otsuchi

Dep. 15:05
Arr. 17:29

Travel time 2hrs 24min

Rantal car

Travel time 2hrs 20min

Otsuchi Station

Recommended Hotels and Ryokans

List of Accommodations


List of Restaurants

Otsuchi Tourism Exchange Association

1-1 Honcho, Otsuchi-cho, Kamihei-gun, Iwate,Japan 028-1116

Business Hours|9:00~17:00





NPO Iwate Arts Support Center
3F Morioka Odori Bldg. 15-7 1-chome Minami Odori, Morioka, Iwat e 020-0874


Sanriku International Arts Festival 2022 REVIVE
– An FY 2022 Japan Cultural Expo Project Presented and Co-presented by Japan Arts Council and Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan

Organized by|Sanriku International Arts Committee, Japan Arts Council, and Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan
Co-organized by|Hachinohe City, Hashikami Town, Hirono Town, Kuji City, Noda Village, Fudai Village, Tanohata Village, Iwaizumi Town, Miyako City, Yamada Town, Otsuchi Town, Kamaishi City, Ofunato City, Rikuzentakata City, Sumita Town, Sanriku Railway Co., Ltd., Japan Folk Performing Arts Association, NPO Iwate Arts Support Center, and NPO Japan Contemporary Dance Network
Cooperated by|NPO Shinsai Regain, imajimu LLC, Tohoku Cultural Property Video Research Institute, Minna no Shirushi LLC