Hashikami Wase Enbburi Festival Feb.5th(Sun),2023

  • 2022
  • Appreciation
  • Date

    February 5th(Sun),2023

  • Time

    11:0 0 AM~14:00 PM

  • Locate

    Wasse Koryu Center

  • Fee

    Free of charge


Three Enburi groups from Hashikami Town, which are all part of the “Hachinohe Enburi,” a National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Asset, come together to perform Enburi Suri, a performance that beckons an early spring. Come and enjoy the performances, while eating Hashikami’s specialty, Hashikami Wase Soba.


The Enburi group in the town of Hashikami offers visitors the opportunity to view two distinctive types of Enburi, Naga Enburi and Dosai Enburi, at one time.

Organized by  Wasse Koryu Center
Cooperated by Sanriku International Arts Committee


Wasse Koryu Center



  • Tashiro Enburi Gumi Group

    The Tashiro Enburi is said to be converted from a traditional rice-transplanting ritual with acceptance of another enburi in quintuple meter practiced in Sugisawa community, former Tabe village (currently Fukuchi, Nanbu town). It has a local characteristic in the tone of singing and the ending section of the dance, and inherits many side-show items in their original form.

  • Toyabe Enburi Gumi Group

    The origin of the Toyabe Enburi is unknown, except for the oldest record telling it participated in an enburi event in Hachinohe region about 1883. Nowadays, it is defined as a kind of dousai enburi (fast enburi) and a descendant from Hosogoe Enburi in former Odate village. After a period of inactivity due to the shortage of successors since around 1954, it was resumed by the avid masters and youngsters in 1976.

  • Hiranai Enburi Gumi Group

    The Hiranai Enburi inherits an older form called naga enburi (slow enburi) which is played in septuple meter with slow and soft movement of body. It is performed by three dancers; the front called Tokuro wearing eboshi with red peony flower, the middle, and the rear called kurodome. The uniqueness of the Hiranai Enburi is found in its fidelity to traditional form of song, dance and tone of the flute.

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