Noda Village “Koshogatu” Event (First Full Moon Festival) Jan.15(Mon.).2024

  • 2023
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    10:00 – 11:30 am (Dontoyaki fire festival, Daikokumai traditional dance, etc.)
    5:30 – 8:00 pm (Namomi Ogre※)
    Be mindful that the finishing time is for reference only. ※Reservation required

  • Locate

    “Sonminhiroba” (Villager Plaza at Noda Village Office)

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“Dontoyaki” fire festival is a purification to burn away New Year’s decorations aiming to pray for the best fortune of the village so diseases and calamities won’t come. At the venue, participants can experience amazake (sweet rice drink), making Mizukidango ornaments, retro-chic games, and Daikokumai traditional dance. At night, “namomi” with ogre masks will visits houses in the village wishing for the health and growth of children.

Locate|Morning session- “Sonminhiroba” (Villager Plaza at Noda Village Office)
Evening onward – Throughout the village


Access model from Tokyo (If you plan on using public transportation, you will need to stay overnight before and after to attend the ceremony at 10:00am and the “Namomi” viewing at 5:30pm.)

Day 1 1/14(Sun.)

9:08Tokyo―Morioka(11:20)JR Tohoku SHinkansen HAYABUSA1
11:40Morioka(East Exit)―Miyako (13:20)Iwate Kenpoku Bus 106
14:42Miyako―Rikuchunoda(16:16)kotatsu train(Reservation required
Sanriku Railway bound for Kuji
Stay in Noda

Day 2 1/15(Mon.)

10:00-12:00Noda Village “Koshogatu” Event  
“Sonminhiroba” (Villager Plaza at Noda Village Office)
Noda Village Sightseeing
17:30~NamomiReservation required
Stay in Noda

*To apply for the Namomi viewing, contact the Namomi Preservation Society Office (Located within Noda Village Hall) Tel: 0194-78-2936

Day 3 1/16(Tue.)

12:21Rikuchunoda―Kuji(12:34)Sanriku Railway bound for Kuji
13:35Kuji―Nonohe(14:45)JRbus Swallow
15:19Ninohe―Tokyo(18:04)JR Tohoku SHinkansen HAYABUSA32

The timetable for Morioka Station ⇔ Miyako (106 Limited Express/Express Bus) is available here↓


kotatsu train(Reservation required
Sanriku Railway


Travel information


Tofugaura boasts a beautiful coastline with a gentle curve, and its scenic beauty has been celebrated in the songs of nobles from the capital as a famous poetic location. Named after the reddish-purple stones commonly found on this beach(called “azuki-suna” or azuki sand),the tourist and local products facility at the Noda Roadside Station is called “Purple”.

As long as the weather is favorable, visitors can witness the beautiful sunrise in the horizon throughout the year.

Marine Rose Park Noda Tamagawa

Noda Village is a leading domestic producer of rhodonite.
The Former Nodatamagawa Mine, once one of Japan’s major manganese deposits, is now open to the public as a tourist mine. The mining process is recreated using machinery and dolls, and the site also showcases raw gemstones,minerals,and fossils from various countries worldwide.
The rhodinite extracted from the manganese deposit is meticulously polished by artisans and reborn as “Marine Rose”. They are available for purchase at the museum shop, and visitors can also experience creating their own original Marine Rose jewelry (reservation required).

  • adress:5-104-13Tamagawa,Noda,Iwate 028-8202
  • TEL:0194-66-7200
  • Business Hours: April – October 9:30am – 5:00pm (admissions close 4:00pm) November – March 9:30am – 4:00pm (admissions close 3:00pm)
  • access Nearest Railway Station 
    • Approximately 1.2 km from Rikuchu-Tamagawa Station on the Sanriku Railway Kita Rias Line (about 3 minutes by car/20 minutes on foot).
    • Approximately 5.1 km from Rikuchu-Noda Station, adjacent to Roadside Station Noda (about 9 minutes by car).
  • Nearest Bus Stop Approximately a 15-minute walk from the village-operated bus stop “Tamagawa” (in front of Patio Murata).



Noda Village Daikokumai Dance Society
Noda Village Namomi Preservation Committee


  • Noda Village Daikokumai Dance Society

    “Daikokumai” is a traditional dance to bring luck in. “It is a traditional dance of “Koshogatu” (first full moon festival) performed in 2022’s “Noda Festival” (the biggest event of Noda Village) and the 5th “Sanriku Coast Local Performing Arts Performance” in 2022 for the first time in three years.

  • Noda Village Namomi Preservation Committee

    “Namomi” was a local festival event in the village committee in the past, but it has been organized by the village preservation committee for over 30 years. Nowadays, it’s a traditional folk dance of “Koshogatu” (first full moon festival) commonly regarded as a kind of education to infant at Noda Village. In 2015, it has been staged at the National Theater.


Iwate Arts Support Center

Sanriku International Arts Festival 2023

Organized by|Sanriku International Arts Committee, Japan Arts Council, and Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan

Co-organized by|Hachinohe City, Hashikami Town, Hirono Town, Kuji City, Noda Village, Fudai Village, Tanohata Village, Iwaizumi Town, Miyako City, Yamada Town, Otsuchi Town, Kamaishi City, Ofunato City, Rikuzentakata City, Sumita Town, Sanriku Railway Co., Ltd., Japan Folk Performing Arts Association, NPO Iwate Arts Support Center, and NPO Japan Contemporary Dance Network

Cooperated by|NPO Michinoku Trail Club, imajimu LLC, Tohoku Cultural Property Video Research Institute, Minna no Shirushi LLC