Natsui Daibonten Kagura Preservation Society

Kuji City, Iwate

The Natsui Daibonten Kagura has been passed down by yamabushi (mountain hermit) since 1354 during the period of the Northern and Southern Courts, to be dedicated to Daibonten deity at the Taiho-in temple in Natsui town. It has been a tradition through the ages that they go around houses during the New Year’s holidays to ward off evil spirit, to pray for safety of family and to appease the souls of the dead. The Natsui Daibonten Kagura Preservation Society was founded in 1978, and the Kagura was designated as the Intangible Folk Cultural Property by Iwate prefecture in 1999.
The Natsui Junior High School is contributing as a whole to the inheritance of Natsui Daibonten Kagura. Trained under the Preservation Society members, all the students become the dancers at the school festival, the Natsui City Folk Performing Arts Festival and others.