Kami no Sawa Shishi-odori


Around 330 years ago, during the Genroku era (1688 – 1703), Kidenji Tada, originally from Boshu, settled in Sawada, Kuribayashicho.
Kidenji Tada taught the Shishiodori to the young people of Sunagohata and Sawada. A person by the name of Manzo, from Kaminosawa, also learned the dance from Kidenji Tada, which is said to be the origin of Kaminosawa Shishiodori.
Manzo was good with people, had a great memory, and was exceptionally talented with the Shishiodori, quickly mastering the intricacies of flute, taiko drumming, singing, and dancing.
It was the oldest performing art in the former Unosumai Village. During festivals, when it was presented as the Chojirushi (the performance offered at the beginning of a shrine festival) for each shrine, it’s said that Kaminosawa Shishiodori alone was dedicated to worship and dance to make the festival prosperous.