Ganmaidou Shichifukujin

Otsuchi Town,Iwate

The shichifukujin dance performed in Ofunato was brought to Sanriku Town in the early Taisho era. Later, the person who brought the shichifukujin to Sanriku Town moved to Kamaishi, and taught the dance to the children at the request of the Higashimae Youth Association, which is said to be the beginning of the Higashimae Shichifukujin. In 1953, the Ganmaido Shichifukujin invited an instructor from Higashimae at the request of the local youth association, and learned this dance. The dance was originally meant to dance in tatami rooms, but it was arranged to a fast tempo ohayashi music, with a dance that is mainly passed down to elementary school boys, contributing to the development of the youth.