AM 10:00-11:00 保育園 発表会 ★

10:00- 11:00 am Recital at the Nursery School ★


Today, we finished the recital at Ofunato City’s Massaki Nursery School.


In this first experience of learning local folk performing arts from 5-year-old children, folk performing arts transcended generations and genders, connected people in the region, and let us feel different things by being there. If we went to a neighborhood store and said to the lady running it “We’re learning Shichifukujin from the children,” the conversation would take off from there.


In their childhood, being able to dance local performing arts that are passed down through families for generations- not songs that are popular on television, not songs from other countries- is truly a big thing.


I would like to introduce reflections on the experience, written by Dancer Hanano Teshirogi.


“We have finished our 5-day residency in Ofunato, and I am sad it is ending. A presentation of these 3- the “Shichifukujin” dance taught by the 5-year-olds at Massaki Nursery School, the song “GoIwai” that we practiced with the singer Mr. Takashi, and the interpretive dance that Cecilia choreographed to that song. Each of these were warm, cute, and solid, and with that it was a light and cheerful time. Even in Matsushima there is a song like “GoIwai” called “Sansa Shigure” that was passed down in the feudal domain of Dateh and sung at celebrations, but I don’t feel like I can sing it properly…


It seems that people also say that Shichifukujin’s dance was passed on from Matsushima. Certainly, there is a Shichifukujin island in Matsushima bay, and plus the “Garden of Heaven” in Entsu temple is a garden of the Shichifukujin.


Ah, there are so many things I don’t know even though it is my hometown…
But, even Mr. Muneo, who I got to speak with during this residency in Ofunato, said, “After turning 60, I finally learned more things about my town than before and thought that I have to pass these things down, because of the earthquake.” Then, he told me about some of his dreams and said, “Maybe the past was washed away by the tsunami, but we received a canvas on which to paint and think of what will be from now on.” “From now on.” Beautiful words.


I really had the most wonderful time. I am so thankful to everyone that I met. Thank you so much!!!”

ダンサー 手代木花野
Dancer Hanano Teshirogi