Sanriku Blue Line Project Ofunato Mar.11(Mon),2024~Mar.2(Sun),2025      

  • 2024
  • Appreciation
  • Date

    Monday, March 11, 2024 -Sunday, March 2, 2025

  • Locate

    Yumemi Park Front Seawall, San Andres Park Internal Seawall

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To pass on the memories of the earthquake to future generations, we will work together with local residents to create tile art pieces and exhibit them on the seawalls. Through production workshops held in the city and surrounding municipalities, as well as through collaborative efforts of citizens in preparing and installing the exhibition, our aim is to acknowledge the memories of the Great East Japan Earthquake, impart its lessons to the next generation, and nurture the region’s culture. The completed works will be exhibited on the seawalls for one year.Furthermore, we will decorate the seawalls in Sanriku with blue tiles containing messages donated by people both inside and outside the city.

This year marks the third year since the start of the project, and for the first time outside Ofunato City, workshops were held at after-school clubs in Rikuzentakata City and Kamaishi City. In addition to the works created over the past two years and the donated tiles, we will also exhibit newly created mysterious fauna and flora, including pine trees and beach lilies.This exhibition, boasting the largest number of works ever, is titled “The New Sanriku Fauna and Flora Encyclopedia.”


<Sebastian’s Gold Experience ~Mystery Solving & Treasure Hunt at San Andres Park – Only those who solve the secrets of Sebastian’s diary will obtain the gold.~>

Sebastian’s Gold Experience is an exhibition event of the Sanriku Blue Line Project where you can enjoy both puzzles and treasure hunting. Find the vein of gold by solving historical mysteries inspired by the golden legend!!

Date: Sunday, March 10, 2024, 10:00 AM -12:00 PM
Venue: San Andres Park (still held in the event of light rain)
Eligibility: Ages 4 and above. Adults with a childlike heart are also welcome
(Elementary school students must be accompanied by a guardian)
・Free admission (must register in advance)
・Spectators who are not participating are also  welcome.


If you’re coming to this event by train, we recommend staying overnight before.


13:36TokyoーIchinoseki(16:11)JR Tohoku Shinkansen YAMABIKO 63
16:17IchinosekiーKesennuma(17:38)JR Ofunato Line
18:03KesennnumaーOfunato(19:21)JR Ofunato Line BRT
Ofunato Onsen Accommodation


10:00Sebastian’s Gold Experience(~12:00)San Andres Park
27th Camellia FestivalWorld Camellia Museum, Goishi
Ofunato city sightseeing
Accommodation in Ofunato city

10:00Sanriku Blue Line Project OfunatoYumemi Park Front Seawall
3.11Bamboo light in CassenCassen Ofunato
15:55OfunatoーKesennnuma(17:14)JR Ofunato Line BRT
17:53KesennnumaーIchinoseki(19:15)JR Ofunato Line
19:15IchinosekiーTokyo(22:00)JR Tohoku Shinkansen YAMABIKO 70
※3.11Bamboo light in Cassen:3/8~3/31From here


27th Camellia Festival

27th Camellia Festival

Ofunato City is known as the northernmost habitat of yabutsubaki camellia along the Pacific coast, which is also the city flower. The Camellia Festival will be held again this year during the blooming season from late January to spring at the World Camellia Hall, Goishi. Visitors can enjoy as many as 600 varieties of colorful camellias collected from 13 countries around the world,and during the festival period, there will be photo spots set up, camellia merchandise sales, and a photo contest.

Event period: Sunday, January 28 – Wednesday, March 20, 2024
Venue: World Camellia Museum, Goishi
27th Camellia Festival

Ofunato Onsen

Ofunato Onsen

Natural hot springs with a magnificent panoramic view of Sanriku, Iwate, and an accommodation facility built by local fishermen who love their hometown of Ofunato to support the reconstruction efforts after the Great East Japan Earthquake. This location was awarded first place in both the “Scenic View” and “Seafood” categories of the Hot Spring Inn & Hotel Contest for two consecutive years in 2022 and 2023. Enjoy the breathtaking open-air baths where you can feel the sea breeze and hear the sound of waves, along with fresh fisherman’s cuisine that can only be enjoyed during the season.

Click here for more travel Informationhttps://sanriku-ofunato.or.jp/



  • 井上 信太

    (美術家)大阪府出身、京都在住。羊飼いプロジェクトを中心に国内外で多数の展覧会、ワークショップを開催。 近年は、多領域のアーティストとのコラボレーション、劇場、能舞台、茶室など新しい空間での平面構築を積極的に取り組み、次世代平面表現の可能性を探っている。 毎年5,000人以上の子どもたちと、表現の遊び空間を伝えるポストワークショップを提言、推進。


Sanriku Blue Line Project, Ofunato Office
(Nonprofit Organization) Sanriku Machizukuri ART