Hachinohe Enburi 2024 Feb.17(Sat.)-20(Tue),2024

  • 2023
  • Appreciation
  • Date

    Febuary 17-20, 2024

  • Locate

    The central business district of Hachinohe.

  • Fee

    Free (Some events are chargeable)

This traditional folk performance of the Hachinohe region of Aomori heralds the arrival of spring and offers wishes for a bountiful year, and has even been registered as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Japan.
During the period, many Enburi events will be held, such as the solemn dedication ceremony that conveys a traditional Shinto atmosphere, the Isseizuri, a performance in which over thirty groups dance in unison, and the Oniwa Enburi, another performance that visitors can watch from some traditional lord-like seating.

During the period,

Time Schedule


Access model from Tokyo

時 間スケジュール備 考
6:32 Tokyo Sta.-Hachinohe Sta.(9:21)Tohoku Shinkansen HAYABUSA 1
9:29Hachinohe Sta.-Honhachinohe Sta.(9:37)JR Hachinohe Line bound for Kuji.
Honhachinohe Sta.-Festival venueA 12-minute walk
10:00~Enburi watching / Sightseeing in Hachinohe city

時 間スケジュール備 考
20:12(The last departure of the Tohoku Shinkansen)Hachinohe Sta.-Tokyo Sta(23:04)Tohoku Shinkansen HAYABUSA 48


Hachinohe Bouillabaisse Festival 2024

The Hachinohe Bouillabaisse Festival is an event aimed at getting people to eat, learn about, and find a love of the local fish of Hachinohe. Over the course of two months, from February 1st to March 31st, 16 restaurants throughout the city offer their unique take on Hachinohe Bouillabaisse, all made with locally sourced fish. There are two rules for Hachinohe Bouillabaisse: (1) Use at least four types of seasonal seafood from Hachinohe, (2) Have a final dish prepared to savor the soup left after eating the seafood. Bouillabaisse, with its roots in French fishermen’s cuisine, is the perfect seafood dish for the port town of Hachinohe. Warm both your mind and body with Hachinohe Bouillabaisse.

More Information:https://www.hhrp.jp/hbb/

Korekawa Archaeological Institution (Korekawa Jomon Kan)

Located next to the stone age Korekawa Site, the institution investigates, collects, and displays the buried cultural properties of the city. One of its highlight exhibitions is the Gassho Dogu (clay figure), designated as a National Treasure in July of 2009. Moreover, many artifacts from the Korekawa Site, such as Jomon period lacquerware and wooden items, are also on display, showcasing the advanced craftsmanship of the time. Every Sunday, activities are available that invite visitors to experience various Jomon techniques, including fire starting and pottery making.

・所在地:〒031-0023 青森県八戸市大字是川字横山1
・連絡先:TEL:0178-38-9511 FAX:0178-96-5392
・Open:9:00am~5:00pm(Last admission: 30 minutes before closing.)
・Closed:Mondays, (National/Substitute holiday on Monday, in which case the museum is open on the holiday),The following day of National/Substitute holiday(Saturday, Sunday, National Holiday on the above day, in which case the museum is open),Year-end and New Year holidays (December 27 – January 4)

☆More information→https://visithachinohe.com/



Uchimaru Enburi-gumi
Uruichi Enburi-gumi
Ohkubo Enburi-gumi
Kamikui-cho Enburi-gumi
Kushihikikami Enburi-gumi
Sainokami Enburi-gumi
Shio-cho Enburi-gumi
Shinkumi Enburi-gumi
Shigechi Enburi-gumi
Juichinichimachi Enburi
Nakaibayashi Enburi-gumi
Naka-machi Enburi-gumi
Nukazuka Enburi-gumi
Higashi Tokaichi Enburi-gumi
Myo Enburi-gumi
Yamamichi Enburi-gumi
Yokomachi Enburi-gumi
Jyoban-cho Enburi-gumi
Hattaro Enburi-gumi
Ishido Enburi-gumi
City Office Kyodo Geino Hozon-kai
Hosogoe Enburi-gumi
Hibakari Enburi-gumi
Hachinohe enburi-kensankai
Konakano Enburi-gumi
Araya Enburi-gumi
Hiranai Enburi-gumi
Tashiro Enburi-gumi
Toriyabe Enburi-gumi
Fukudakami Enburi-gumi
Kenyoshi Enburi-gumi
Tamakake Enburi-gumi
Takase chounaikai Enburi-gumi
Momoishi Enburi-gumi


Iwate Art Support Center

Sanriku International Arts Festival 2023

Organized by|Sanriku International Arts Committee, Japan Arts Council, and Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan

Co-organized by|Hachinohe City, Hashikami Town, Hirono Town, Kuji City, Noda Village, Fudai Village, Tanohata Village, Iwaizumi Town, Miyako City, Yamada Town, Otsuchi Town, Kamaishi City, Ofunato City, Rikuzentakata City, Sumita Town, Sanriku Railway Co., Ltd., Japan Folk Performing Arts Association, NPO Iwate Arts Support Center, and NPO Japan Contemporary Dance Network

Cooperated by|NPO Michinoku Trail Club, imajimu LLC, Tohoku Cultural Property Video Research Institute, Minna no Shirushi LLC