Tsugaruishi Shinmachi Daikagura

Miyako City, Iwate

A Daikagura classified as a walking lion, does not involve Shishimai dancing.
Following Kagoshoi (the basket-bearer) and Otafuku (homely woman) as clowns, a Sasara with two bamboo sticks leads a lion comprised of two people. A cart carrying a red mini shrine and a taiko drum follows, joined by four or five performers with tiny hand cymbals walking in accompaniment. The non-dancing, red-headed lion holds a ritual staff in its right hand, and a wand with golden paper streamers in its left hand.
The origin of the Shinmachi Daikagura dates back to the Taisho era when the Inari Shrine festival was moved to the holiday commemorating Anba-sama. Since then, this lively musical performance has become an essential part of the festival.