Takayashiki Kagura

Ichinohe Town , Iwate

The origin of Takayashiki Kagura can be traced back to the Yamabushi Kagura performed at Sanmyoin, a temple located in Kamimegasawa (Ichinohecho), during the mid-Edo period. During the late Edo period,
when the temple no longer had the strength to lead the 12 Kagura performers around the villages, the Kagura left the hands of the yamabushi and was passed on to the people of Takayashiki, a community close to Sanmyouin. Later, it spread to surrounding villages, and there are even groups outside Iwate Prefecture that continue the tradition of Takayashiki Kagura.
Takayashiki Kagura boasts a multitude of repertories, and stands out among the Kagura groups of Ichinohecho.