Takase Shishiodori  

Sumita Town, Iwate

The Takase Shishiodori, practiced in Shimoarisu, Sumita town, is in the lineage of the Yamaguchi style of the Gyozan School. It is also called Gassan Shishiodori since it is danced at the Gassan Shrine. In 1810, Chukichi from Shimoshimizu learned this shishiodori from Kinzo Endo at Jinokamiyashiki in Ide, Esashi city where he had gone to work. It is said that the youth also invited Kinzo to Takase community as their mentor in 1813. Designated as nakadachi (leader of the troupe) later, Chukichi taught this dance to Nisuke at Sarugakuyashiki in Yokota village, Rikuzentakata city. Although there was a moment of suspension during the Taisho period (1913-1926), it was revived in the recent years.