Sugo Taueodori Hozonkai Preservation Society

Ofunato City, Iwate

About 200 years ago, a person from Shimofunato community, Ofunato village visited Tanzawa district and learned a dance to bring back home, which was eventually spread as the Shimofunato Taueodori. The youngsters in Sugo and Shitakake communities, both Tatsune village, learned it and set the foundation of the Sugo Taueodori. After a period of decline, a volunteer group Kokkikai, headed by the late Mr. Yuzaburo Kin’no, made an effort to preserve. They trained hard with Shinta Sugo, 70 years old at that time, as their teacher and finally performed on streets in the village with a grand flag telling “The Taueodori Commemorating the Economic Rehabilitation of Sugo and Shitakake” on February 1, 1936. Since this first step of revival, it has been preserved until today. Now it is managed by the Sugo Taueodori Preservation Society.