Shirogane-Shitogongen Kagura Preservation Society

Hachinohe City,Aomori

The Shirogane-shitogongen Kagura is originated from the Shirogane district in Hachinohe, a port town. The dance comes with a lion head props called “Gongen-sama”. It is one of the Yamabushi-style kagura with theatrical performances aiming to drive away the evil powers, celebrate big catches, great harvests, and worship gods. The precious, historic lion head was passed down to Hachinohe city in 1758 and now, the dance includes as many as 20 difference performances. During the Spring Prayer (generally held for a number of days since the New Year’s Day every year, residents in the Shirogane district usually put out decorations at their entryway and on July 6th and 7th, more than 10 performances are dedicated as the annual festival at Mishima Shrine, the guardian of the entire district.