Hachinohe City,Aomori

Same Kagura has a history of more than 200 years according to the records, and there is a script written in the Kaei era (1848-1855). In addition to the 18 pieces of yamabushi kagura (mountain hermit’s kagura), there are 14 pieces of kumi-mai (ensemble dance) including the Kabuki-inspired Ataka no Seki Kanjincho , and Hakajishi (Grave Lion Dance). The 18 pieces were performed over two days at the National Theatre in 1968. They also performed at the National Theatre for the second time in 1994. As a group of enthusiasts who do not belong to any particular shrine, Same Kagura has been facing a succession problem. However, it has been gaining momentum in recent years thanks to the annual succession training classes for elementary, junior high and high school students that have been held since 1971, as well as exchanges with outside artists.