Rikuchu Benten Toramai

Otsuchi Town,Iwate

In 1974, more than a dozen young people from the Akahama area formed the group as the Akahama Toramai. In 1981, an ofuda (talisman) from the Grand Shrine in Watonai, and an item related to Zenbe Kirikiri (a merchant for the Nambu Clan who used Kirikiri as his base) were delivered to the Benten Shrine, which was enshrined on Horai Island in Otsuchi Bay. This was when the group name was changed to “Rikuchu Benten Toramai”. In addition to the traditional dance, they also create and perform their own unique dance style. They have danced for dedication to the Otsuchi Inari Shrine, Kozuchi Shrine, Akahama Hachiman Shrine, and Benten Shrine. The Akahama area was devastated by the tsunami, with their equipment washed away, but overcame the challenge, now resuming its activities and playing an active role in festivals and events.