Nakasuka Daikagura

Otsuchi Town,Iwate

Nakasuka Daikagura originated in the late Edo period, and was organized in the early Meiji period. The Nakasuka area, where this tradition is carried on, is adjacent to the Satomiya of Kozuchi Shrine. The tsunami that hit the town in the Great East Japan Earthquake completely destroyed houses in the area, and all tools, costumes, and festival floats, including the lion’s head, were swept away. Most of the performers had to move to temporary housing outside the town, and it was feared that the tradition would not be able to continue, but thanks to support for the reconstruction of the folk performing arts and the enthusiasm of the performers, the tradition has resumed. The lion’s head has no fangs, and is said to be female. Its facial expression is soft and gentle. The lion has a single tooth in the center of its head, and its teeth are arranged on both sides.