Mukaigawara Toramai

Otsuchi Town,Iwate

It was first introduced in 1948 as part of the activities of the youth association in the Mukaigawara area, with the aim of promoting healthy development through local performing arts. Initially, they were taught by a master from Kirikiri, Otsuchi Town, and adopted the role of “Watonai”, where it chases the tiger away. A few years later, the group were taught the dance and ohayashi music of a toramai group in Kamaishi through an exchange, which resulted in its current form. There was a time that a shortage of successors were feared, but the toramai group in Kamaishi taught the dance again to revitalize it. The group was then affected by the tsunami in 2011, but thanks to reconstruction support and the enthusiasm of its members, they were able to overcome this challenge and continue their activities.