Minamikawame Sansa-odori Hozonkai Preservation Society

Miyako City, Iwate

The origin of the Minamikawame Sansa is considered to trace back to the moment when a bride from Okamura community, Kawai village conveyed the Kawai Sansa to this area in about 1887. The dancers don hanagasa (flower hat), tuck up their sleeves of colorful kimono with a cord, and wear obi (belt) along with a waistband in another color. The drummers wildly hop about with a distinctive footwork. Beginning with a shout “Kitakorasassa,” the dance reveals its simple, vigorous and lively nature. It has been passed down as a prayer for rich harvest and security of family. In September 2018, during the festival at Yokoyama Hachimangu Shrine, they accompanied mikoshi (a portable shrine) and visited shops praying for their good business. They also give lessons at Hanawa Junior High School.