Kogayo Geino Preservation Society

Ofunato City, Iwate

As is common with shishiodori in Kesen region, the Kogayo Shishiodori belongs to the Gyozan School. Its origin is said to trace back to a man called Zenkuro from Iriya village (current Motoyoshi district in Miyagi prefecture) who taught it to the interested in Kogayo community while he was working at a gold mine in Hikoroichi, in Jokyo era (1684-1688). This was the same person as the master of the Maeda Shishiodori, then both of these shishiodori are in the same lineage. Meanwhile, since the shishiodori that Zenkuro conveyed was almost disappearing after his death, a renowned master was invited from Ishinomaki, Miyagi prefecture to maintain the form. In August of 1852, a man called Matsuemon from Kogayo invited the masters Kihei and Kizaburo from Ohara-Yamaguchi community, Higashi-Iwai district (current Ohara-Yamaguchi, Daitoh town, Ichinoseki city, Iwate prefecture) to teach them and eventually led to establish the core of the dance. Their shishiodori had originally been a branch of the Iriya school in Motoyoshi district in Miyagi prefecture, but later absorbed by the Ohara-Yamaguchi school in Higashi-Iwai district.