Kogawa Shishiodori

Kamaishi City,Iwate

Between 1882 to 1883 (Meiji 15 – 16), during the festival at Kasshison Shrine (Dosen Shrine), the village of Kogawa had no special performing arts and were assigned only minor roles. Distressed by this, they sent three young individuals to Hijiri (Morinoshita), Kamigomura in Tono, which the village had a prior relationship with, and where Shishiodori was practiced. Over six months, the individuals assisted with agricultural work while diligently learning the flute, taiko drumming, and dance. Upon their return to Kogawa, the local youth gathered to practice together, and the tradition has since been passed down in Kogawa all the way to present day.
Kogawa Shishiodori elegantly depicts the playful movements of deer in the fields, reflecting the strong bond between residents and the deer that once thrived throughout the village.