Kanezawa Shishiodori

Otsuchi Town,iwate

It is said to have originated in the middle of the Edo period (about 300 years ago) when a woman who married a landlord in the Kanezawa area from Moichi (present-day Moichi of Miyako City) invited a shishi odori master from Moichi to teach the dance to the local young people. From the latter half of the Meiji era to the Taisho era, the dance was handed down to the Taima district of Kanezawa, and in 1970, a preservation society was formed and has continued to this day. In addition to dedicating the dance at the Kanezawa Inari Shrine Festival to pray for a good harvest and safety, and also at the shin-bon houses (first obon following a death of a family member) as a memorial, the group also participates in the Otsuchi Festival. The dance is currently being handed down to the children of the village. The dance is different from the other four groups in the town.