Gyozan-ryu Yamaguchi-ha Kakinaizawa Shishioori preservation Society

Sumita Town, Iwate

It is said that this group began when Kazo, from the Kakinaizawa district’s Noboto residence, inherited the folk performing art form from Magoshi of Yahagi Village (current Yahagi of Rikuzen Takada City) in the beginning of the Bunsei era in 1789.
Kazo lost his wife at a young age, leaving behind their beloved child and a horse. He was at loss, but sold his horse and went to Yahagi Village to learn shishi-odori. He was then initiated into the art form, and returned home to dance in front of his wife’s spirit.
Belonging to the Gyozan school Yamaguchi style, this folk performing art form has been handed down within their town since the middle of the feudal affairs, as a dance with energetic and heroic movements.