Jujiro Maegawa

”Director and composer ” 
Maegawa began his career in 1987 mainly in music recording as a composer and producer. In 2002, he founded the performing arts company, Mikuni. His highly praised and unique work combines the body and voice, in pieces not strictly bound by genre conventions. Maegawa was invited by the city of Berlin as a performance director. After residing in Germany for a year and a half, he moved back to Japan in 2012. He visited Sanriku as a researcher at the University of Tokyo interviewing victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011. He created the musical, Inochi Tendenko, inspired by the testimony he collected, which has been viewed by over 50,000 high school students. Maegawa has been the director of the Sanriku International Arts Festival since 2014.