Juichinichimachi Enburi-gumi じゅういちにちまちえんぶりぐみ


Enburi is a festival that entreats a good harvest, handed down mainly in Hachinohe City of the Sanpachi-Kamikita area of Aomori Prefecture. The Hachinohe Enburi, listed as a national important intangible cultural property, is held every year from February 17th to the 20th in central Hachinohe. The Juichinichimachi Enburi-gumi was started by a local fire brigade in 1891, and they have over 130 years of history participating in the Enburi. Typical performances include Tayu no Suri, Daikoku Mai, Ebisu Mai, Enkoenko, and Hachinohe Mai. This refined and gorgeous celebratory entertainment has been handed down to young and old performers of many generations, and is an awe-inspiring sight to see.