Jonai Daikagura

Otsuchi Town,Iwate

There is a theory that Jonai Daikagura started when the yamabushi mountain ascetics brought Daikagura (a type of shishimai) from the Ise school, to Shichimyojin in Rikuchuhei as and acting “Daikagura” when Kozuchi Shrine was relocated to its present location during the Kan’ei era (1624-1645). It is also said that they learned it from Shichikencho (near Senboku Town of Morioka) at the recommendation of a local official. The performance is almost the same as other daikagura performances in the town, but it is characterized by the quiet and elegant dance of the “female” lion. They accompany the procession of mikoshi at the festival of Kozuchi Shrine and perform kado-uchi (dancing around the houses). The festival was devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake, but with support, the yatai and costumes were restored to their current state.