Ishibashi Yoroi Kembai Hozonkai Preservation Society

Ofunato City,Iwate

Konno Heiemon, a resident of Nakazawa in Kamiarisu, is said to have honed the dance form while making his way through the world, and taught it at Hiyama village in Kamiarisu. The Ishibashi Yoroi Kembai dates back to the Keio era (1865–1868) at the close of the Edo period, when youths from Ishibashi, Tashiroyashiki and Nagaiwa traveled to Hiyama to learn this kembai; it has since been passed down the generations in its original form. In 1985, it was designated by Ofunato City as an Intangible Folk Cultural Property. Six dances are preserved today: nanatsugo, gokabo, naginata, makitachi, namiawase, and eko. On November 10, 1996, the Ishibashi Yoroi Kembai Tradition Center was completed, becoming the base of activities to hand down the tradition.