Heromachi Kagura Preservation Committee

Kuji City,Iwate

 Heromachi Kagura is one of the streams of Kunohe Village Esashiya Kagura. Around 1935, late Mr. Shinmatsu Kubo, a Kagura dancer from the Esashi family, started gathering young residences from the former Yamagata Village (currently Yamagata-cho, Kuji City) to revitalize the ritual dance, which was followed by the assistance from late Mr. Yasuhikozou Ochi around 1965. Due to migration, there were not sufficient number of male dancers so female dancers such as the late Shinobu Shimodate, Tsuyo Shimodate, and Kiku Shimodate joined took over and passed down the dance.
Pupils from the Toro-machi Elementary School have been contributing to perform the dance as children’s kagura since 1993. Even after the closure of the school in 2012, the Heromachi Kagura Preservation Committee has been tremendous effort to preserve the traditional dance. Now, there are 16 committee members proactively promote the dance.