Goishi Geino Hozonkai Preservation Society

Ofunato, Iwate

When Hojo Tokiyori’s army attacked Seishoji Temple in Matsushima 750 years ago, the remaining monks loaded treasures and food onto a ship and proceeded north, drifting off to the coast of Goishi.
The ship was then pulled up to Tomarihama by the local residents who noticed the festive music being played on the flute and drums every night from a boat off the coast.
The ship was then enshrined as Kumano Shrine.
As shipwrecks were common off the coast of Goishi, the Shichifukujin-mai (dance of the Seven Gods of Fortune) is dedicated at the festival of Kumano Shrine, which is said to be made for the memorial of the dead, abundance of harvest, safety of the family, prosperity of business, and the success of fishing.
In the performance, seven gods perform a light, but dynamic dance to the music.