Ando Daikagura

Otsuchi Town,Iwate

It is said that Ichibe Kanezaki and Matasuke Miyazawa learned this kagura from “Shichikencho of Morioka”, a performing arts group serving for the Nambu domain, and passed it on to the townspeople under the orders of the deputy governor of Otsuchi during the Edo period. In the Meiji era, the festival was held only in years of good harvests, which created a period of decline, but it has been handed down to this day because of the strong enthusiasm of the predecessors. The group consists of Ando area adults and children, and the lion used is called, “Osu”, which means “male” in Japanese, and dances in a heroic manner. Most were swept away by the tsunami in the Great East Japan Earthquake, but thanks to the efforts of those involved and support for the recovery of the traditional performing arts, the group has resumed its activities.