Shirogane Dainenbutsu Kochu(Naimo Naimo )

Hachinohe City,Aomori

Naimo Naimo has been handed down from generation to generation by the Masaya family, and performed by the head of the family and volunteers from the town. According to oral tradition, it is said that this folk performing arts started when a traveling priest from Kyushu dropped by Fukusho Temple. He proposed an annual event in honor of Mokuren (Maudgalyāyana), a disciple of Buddha, but was refused, as they could not incorporate something from a different sect, despite their sympathy to it being an offering to Buddha. Mr. Masaya, who was there, said, “Even though they are different sects, there should be no difference between Soto sect and Hokke sect in making offerings to Buddha. I’ll do it myself.”