Theater in front of Ofunato Station

Bustling Activity that Inhabits the Train Station
Sandwiched between the Mountains and the Sea, Ofunato Station is the Theater!


Sat, March 2 & Sun, March 3 10:00-12:00


Ofunato Disaster Prevention, Tourism and Community Exchange Center (7-6 Chayamae, Ofunato-cho, Ofunato, Iwate)



Back in the Showa era, the area in front of Ofunato station was always full of activity and there were many cinemas and theaters there. Today there are no cinemas or theaters, but for two days, we will use restaurants, shops and outdoor spaces as stages for local Geinoh, Indonesian Geinoh, and contemporary dance. Memories of the past and the present are joined together by the moving bodies. Some stages are outdoors, so please dress warmly!

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