Senryu Ebisu Daiko


This taiko drum performance is native to an area that looks onto the bountiful waters of Yoshihama Bay, with the Pacific Ocean visible in the distance. For centuries, Ebisu, the patron god of fishermen, has had a shrine here at Ogihora Fishing Port. It is a local symbol that the locals have grown up with since childhood. The Senryu Ebisu Daiko dates back to 1976 when it was created as a contemporary taiko drum performance in honor of this Ebisu. Since then, it has become a regular act at merry occasions, from Yoshihama’s quadrennial festival to weddings.
The routine is comprised of four pieces: the awasedaiko (“group taiko”) , tairyo daiko (“big haul taiko”), Ebisu daiko and abare daiko (“furious taiko”). The drum beats are charged with the thoughts and wishes of the fishing families.

Glossary of terms in Japanese Folk Performing Arts