Inhabit the Sky
Fri, March 1 - Sun, March 3, 10

Experience Geinoh from Sanriku and Indonesia as well as contemporary dance in the “new town” around Ofunato Station.



・Sanriku International Arts Festival Office | TEL +81-192-22-9830 MAIL Reception Hours 10:00–18:00 (weekday)

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・Sanriku International Arts Festival Office | TEL +81-192-22-9830 Reception Hours 10:00–18:00 (weekday)

Poster|Maeda Shishiodori(Ofunato)

There is one kashira – the headpiece of shishiodori – that is left behind when all others are taken out for the festival.
That’s“Goinkyo-sama”who protect the space when all the other kashira are gone.
It is usually kept behind all the other kashira.
Sometimes, (so it doesn’t get lonely) it is taken to the festival with the other kashira.
It always keeps an eye on other kashira from behind.
When it is left alone, it watches over things in a dignified way.
Sometimes it feels lonely.
The kashira are alive.
It may be that these kashira have watched over this area from long long ago.