Sanriku Blue Line Project

  • 2022
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With the theme of “Communicating, Connecting, Praying,” the Sanriku Blue Line Project connects different parts of the Sanriku coastal region with blue tiles. The project aims to remind people of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the surrounding nature, and to nurture a culture that transcends the region. Visual artist Shinta Inoue organizes “post-workshops,” playgrounds for the expressions of more than 5,000 children annually. He was invited to lead the workshop that made the mosaic with participation from children to adults from the region that includes Ofunato City. The art works were exhibited for a limited time at places of high priority for disaster prevention education, such as along seawalls.
Not only with local residents, but also with tourists visiting Sanriku, the project aims to revitalize the region while memorializing the disaster and cultivating an awareness of nature. As per its theme of “Communicating, Connecting, Praying,” the Sanriku Blue Line Project seeks to connect people’s hearts beyond distance and time, and symbolizes a vision of Sanriku that is cared for, protected, and handed down to generations 1000 years in the future.

Sanriku Blue Line Exhibition 
①September 23, 2022 (Fri, holiday)~October 9,2022(Sun)
②March 11,2023(Sat)~May 26,2023(Fri)

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