Omah Gamelan

”Artistic Director : Anon Suneko”  Professor at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta, Dancer, Musician, and Chairman of Omah Gamelan

Born in 1981 to two well-known performing artists, Suneko grew up surrounded by traditional Javanese performing arts, dance, and gamelan. He showed interest in the performing arts while growing up, and he is now the winner of many awards. He is dedicated to the study and performance of gamelan music and also specializes in electronic music, and is the creator of numerous musical works including two albums. He has a wealth of international experience, including working at the Perth Consulate in Australia and as a visiting artist at the University of Michigan. He was invited to Japan to engage in research for the project “The Power of Tradition, the Form of Artistry” organized by the Japan Foundation. Currently, Suneko is professor in the Department of Performing Arts Faculty of Karawitan, Indonesian Institute of the Arts in Yogyakarta, while also serving at the second royal palace of Yogyakarta, Puro Pakualaman, with the mission of continuing court performance arts.