Inhabit the Town
Fri, February 22 - Sun, February 24

There will be two different kinds of performances. One will be presented in a public space in downtown Hachinohe so that as many people as possible will be able to attend. The other is an indoor hall with limited seating. We will also host workshops by Japanese and international artists so you can experience Geinoh from multiple perspectives.



・Sanriku International Arts Festival Office|TEL +81-192-22-9830  MAIL Reception Hours 10:00–18:00 (weekday)

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・Sanriku International Arts Festival Office|TEL +81-192-22-9830  Reception Hours 10:00–18:00 (weekday)

Poster|Ichikawa Kagura(Hachinohe)

A 92-year-old elder and a 19-year-old dancer.
In his head, the elder has songs and dances that he hasn’t been able to pass down to next generation.
He had to walk several hours to the next village to master the songs and dances when he was young.
Now since he’s older and can’t move well, he can’t teach the dances.
There are very few young dancers who dance this form of Kagura.
One young member is worried that Kagura from this village will disappear if he doesn’t continue.
There are feelings of both hope and pressure between the elder and the young dancer.
It’s possible that the elder won’t be able to pass down all the songs and dances.
But even without these, there is something else that is passed on that cannot be put into words.
It is something mysterious and intangible that can only be experienced by Kagura practitioners.